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While Taureans are driven by practicality, they are oftentimes simultaneously blinded by their own ambition. In this particular case, the two qualities can neutralize each other — a Taurus will yearn to get married at the average age , but not if it means getting in the way of a burgeoning career. The target time for a Taurean to wed will most likely be their late 20s and early 30s. Geminis are known for being incredibly cheerful and enthusiastic about the world around around them, but they also contain a confusing duality: They sometimes also act from a place of laziness.

Know your Spouse through Birth Chart

Furate says this still means that a Gemini is prone to jumping into a serious long-term relationship quickly — but it may take a while to officially tie the knot. Mids it is! Cancers are loyal beings. They are extremely emotional and always offering support to loved ones, which can sometimes leave them vulnerable to getting hurt. This tendency can cause them to put up a wall guarded by indecisiveness and insecurity.

Their unpredictable nature makes it very difficult to sense when they will get married, if they even choose to wed at all.

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But the emotional connections they force and barriers their build will most likely meet somewhere in the middle, in their early 30s. Leos have big, big hearts. Their core drives are truly the desire to love and be loved, and a thrilling taste for action and adventure! As long as a Leo is following their heart, they could get married at any age — though their tendency to live in the moment instead of planning ahead into the future could cause them to marry on impulse.

Look out for wedding bells ringing in your early 20s, Leo!

Virgos are very hard-working and intelligent, and always listening to critical reasoning over matters of the heart. It's likely that a Virgo will wait until their late 30s, or early 40s, to get married, simply because of dedication to their field of interest and desire to give their all to their chosen career path. Libras are lovers of love, to put it lightly.

Astrologers Trained by World Renowned Astrologer Mr. Bejan Daruwala

They see beauty in the world in unexpected places, and seek comfort and harmony over adventure and excitement. Since in this case, sooner is better, love might find a Libra in their early to mids.

Marriage/Spouse Meeting circumstances in Astrology

Just as passionate as they are stubborns, Scorpios were born naturally skeptical of the idea surrounding "true love. Although they are fiercely loyal friends, Scorpio's distrusting nature, which can sometimes go as far as unexplained jealousy, makes it difficult to predict when they will wed — if at all.

But if they do, it'll most take till later in life, such as their late 40s or early 50s, to make it stick. While they often use humor and empathy to alleviate tense situations, their expectations are often idealistic. Their impatience and inability to filter their thoughts on impulse tends to veer on the side emotional immaturity, which means waiting for a more evolved relationship. They are most likely to wed in their mids. Unlike many other signs, Capricorns are excellent when it comes to exercising patience, restraint, and understanding.

They are extremely goal-oriented, and good at determining how much they can handle — it's these qualities that make Capricorns so successful. Capricorns will likely marry in their early 40s, but if and when they do, they will truly have it all. Aquarians may "remain unattached until they have found a mate as aloof and adventurous as themselves," Furiate says. They are constantly on the move, looking towards the next best thing rather than taking a deep breath and counting their current blessing. Pisces are unbelievable compassionate, and overly trusting.

Marriage Prediction, Marriage Astrology by Date of Birth - Ask Now

To determine month of marriage Venus should be seen in the same way and to determine Day of marriage Moon transit should be judged. The month of marriage and Day of marriage is very difficult to predict nowadays due to the absence of correct birth data, because, a smaller difference in birth time can make the prediction wrong.

But remember if any retrograde planet is connected with 7th house or any badly afflicted planet is placed there or any other late marriage yoga is present in the chart so to determine the marriage age would be more difficult, and then you need years of experience to predict correctly. Why I am saying so?

Marriage Age In Palmistry

Now, you can understand why you did not get married in this period. In your case, I can see late marriage yoga and a weak marriage combination.

You have little bit disturbed marriage yoga too. Experience: 15 Years. Specialization: Dr.

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